The Las Cruces School of Dance & Music has been providing high-quality dance and music instruction to the kids of southern New Mexico for more than 20 years. During this time, we have achieved a wide-spread reputation for excellence in both instruction and performance, with many of our students gaining acceptance to top performing-arts schools and universities.

Our Dance Program


A dance studio is more than just a fun place for childhood activities; it is a place where your child will spend countless hours over many years. Because of this, your child's health and happiness is our priority. 

Highly-Trained Faculty


  • Monique Foster, the owner of LCSDM and our principle dance instructor, is a highly-trained dancer and is the only instructor in the region certified through level V in the extremely rigorous ABT National Training Curriculum. (For more information on the ABT training click here: ABT National Training Curriculum.)

  • Best practices: At our studios, our training is based on the U.S. National Curriculum developed by the American Ballet Theater. This curriculum was developed by evaluating all other methods in terms of their overall effectiveness, artistry, and long-term safety. The best components of each were adopted while the less effective ones were removed or modified. We believe that the ABT National Training Curriculum is far and away the best approach for both professional and recreational training in ballet.

  • Constant improvement: Our faculty is highly trained and stays at the top of the game by attending annual dance training seminars in New York, Master Class Workshops, and numerous other events.  

A Healthy Environment

  • Alignment-centered instruction: Our dance instructors work with the students and encourage them to get the most out of their unique bodies without overreaching and promoting long-term problems. A focus on alignment and incremental improvement is very important for the healthy development of your child. 

  • Healthy body image: We take pride in working with students of all body types. We focus on physical health, not unrealistic ideals based on weight and shape. Dance is a fun, exciting, and challenging way of improving physical and mental health for everyone.

  • Teamwork and competition: Our productions include all the students and each student plays a role in bringing a show to the stage. Our instructors encourage healthy competition for lead roles and also teach the kids that even small part in the corps is important.

Professional Quality Facilities


  • Floating floors:  Any reputable dance studio will make use of "floating floors". These floors "float" on a cushion of air and micro-foam which softens the impact of jumps and other athletic components of dance. 

  • Dance surface: Our main ballet floors are covered with a high quality marley surface. Marley floors are made of a sheet of specially formulated vinyl which provides optimum traction, especially during pointe work. Our tap floors have real hardwood surfaces to provide optimal sound quality.

  • Dance space: Our 40′ x 46′ main dance floors are as large as or larger than all of the modern performing arts venues in the region. This provides a perfect setting for professional workshops and allows us to set choreography at the studio without significant respacing at our performance venues.